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Your Life is Vytal

Live & Love YOUR Vytal Life!

We are Frank & Camille Ohlin

Certified Life and Business Coaches

Is your life controlling you?

We can help you find out how to get unstuck, overcome challenges and achieve your goals. Coaching will help you take your life and make it extraordinary!

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*Vision.  Goals.  Empowerment

Only the Best Coaches

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Tips To Improve Your Social Wellness

Develop Your Attitude of Gratitude :)

Gratitude – Be thankful for what you have and what you can do-start a journal of what you are thankful for and add to it daily-doing this simple thing will 

definitely lift your spirits.


Laughing More Often- Healthy Habit :)

Laughter is great for your physical and emotional wellbeing

Laughter relieves stress and it

releases endorphins, 

making you just feel better


Foster Friendship and 

Get Your Focus On Others :)

Make the effort because it is great to put yourself out there and it is not a healthy mindset to be reclusive. 


Outdoors – Drink In the Outside

 Sunlight improves your mood and being outside encourages you to be more active



Easy Ways to Lose Weight


Change your eating habits:

1. Cut back on the

    calories you consume

2. Begin your new easy                  exercise routine to help you 

    burn more calories

3. Skip dessert for a week

    Enjoy a small serving of fruit,

    berries or eat an

    apple instead (an apple              helps you feel full 

    for several hours)

4. Skip drinks that

    cause weight gain

    Drink water instead 

    Try keeping a frozen water          bottle in the fridge 

    at all times...

    or flavor your water

5. Break up with starch

    Instead of eating 

    empty-calorie and 

    over-processed white foods            like bread, white rice or                    pasta, fill up on a variety of              lean protein and good carbs

6. Portion Control Cut down on your food portions, follow a balanced diet and move your body more and you will be amazed at how fast you will look and feel better

Need Support To 

Make Lifestyle Changes?

Call Now 


Coaching   Consulting   Training     Management     Bookkeeping

  + 1-250-899-1847


                    [email protected]  

                     [email protected]



Acquire the knowledge and know-how to build your successful business or find your ideal career


Hiring...Vision...Goals...Empowerment... Training...Promotions...Team-Building...


Startup...Job and Career Coaching...

Business Management...Retirement...

Professional Development

Transform your life

Live your purpose and reach specific relationship, personal goals 


Focusing in one or more of the following areas : Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem, Loving Relationships That Work, 

Success, Growth, Motivation, Wellness,

Overcoming stress and anxiety

Great for small business and entrepreneurs-We are numbers people

We can help you get years of past bookkeeping up to date

Call us and stop stressing over the overdue books provide Insights to fuel your business growth

We Love Bookkeeping and we're certified bookkeeping experts

Management and leasing of multi-family and single-family housing and commercial leasing 

Full-service property management 

we develop customized, property-specific management plans

We build trusting relationships through consistent communication, proven management techniques, and a 

results-oriented management culture

About Page

Business and Career Coaching

Life, Relationship, Wellness and Grief Coaching

With 1.17 million businesses in Canada everyone should have a Business Growth Coach When Starting and Growing Their Small Business​

We are very good at what we do! Call today at 1-250-899-1847

Life, Relationship and Wellness Coaching

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About Coaching Approaches   



We use a combination of coaching approaches, depending on the situation,            

often linking solutions focused, values based, goal focused and non directive approaches because they compliment one another


Directive Coaching is used to help individuals master a certain skill or set of skills 

Solution Focused Coaching

A powerful approach to coaching  that focuses on helping the you find solutions rather than problems

This approach builds on your strengths to find positive ways to move forward in a very short time

Feeling motivated and energized through the coaching process is

powerful and transformational

 finding positive ways forward rather than examining barriers and building on strengths rather than weaknesses 

Values Based Coaching

A values elicitation session will help you understand what motivates you and what is consistently important to you

Examples of values  you might choose to prioritize in your life can include: 


*Loyalty and respect



*Being oneself

Understanding your values is at the heart of any personal change 

Non Directive Coaching

Non directive coaching is non-judgmental and indispensable

Your coach simply asks you questions to allow you to find your own solutions

We do not want to tell our clients what they must do to find solutions within and for themselves

However, because we have been in similar situations to our clients, solutions regularly come forward

It is personal, flexible 

and all about you

Directive Coaching

We sometimes steer the coaching process, or encourage our clients to consider some aspect that they are avoiding or not seeing and we categorize this as directive coaching

Also when we challenge their thinking, a necessary part of our coaching, we think of this as directive coaching

During career and job coaching when you want to upgrade or refresh certain skills to find your dream job, and get that promotion, we use the directive coaching approach as your experts to pass on our knowledge and business skills 

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