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Let's Build a Life With Purpose

Based in West Kelowna 

With1-to-1 Online Service in North America

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What's holding you back

Online Personal Life & Relationship Coaching 

Vytal Life and Relationship Coaching   250-899-1847

Vytal Life Coaching 

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Life Coaching Can Radically Transform Your Life and

Help You Make Massive Changes In Your Life To Achieve the Results You Want

Life Coaching sessions help you conquer fears, crush your problems, and support your choice to change

and move ahead, recognize the incredible person you are, and to build you life with with happiness, confidence, structure and purpose  

What is a Life Coach

A Life Coach helps people to be more effective and live with more serenity, calm and peace and with less stress.

You'll learn to think in a quite a different way than we were all trained to think but you won't look back-it's about doing what you know.

We'll help you bring more balance and alignment into your life.

We us use solution- focused coaching to teach in our clients how to see; to find their clarity, and become conscious of what they are already doing that is working, and then look for what is right instead of what's wrong. It is natural that when we pay attention to something it increase and grows.

Then we are ready to work together to build on and broaden the resources a person naturally has. This leads to more confidence and optimism.

A Life Coach makes sure you are accountable to the steps of your journey

A Life Coach takes a very active role, talking with you once a week. Each week, you make a commitment to one small step that moves you toward your desired goal. Sometimes the small step will be just noticing something throughout the week. This will make you aware of something you had not been aware of before.

I also draw from a number of other disciplines, including sociology, psychology, career counseling, values assessment,  NLP, behavior modification,  behavior modeling, goal-setting and many other techniques. Each client has different needs and personality styles and we structure our 

coaching to fit each individual.

A Life Coach guides you through life transitions

As a Life Coach, we can help you through all the bumps in the road of life, and can coach you through transitions such as:

  • Divorce
  • Mid life crises
  • Feeling stuck in your career
  • The breakup of a relationship
  • Launching yourself after college
  • How to feel passionate about your life
  • Managing children in blended families
  • Stepping onto the pathway of your success
  • Bringing new life into an established relationship
  • Finding your potential and discovering what you really love

Having a life coach is especially convenient for people who travel much of the time and want to have a regular coaching session each week

because sessions are held online

It's about finding your full potential that can lead you to success

Crush Limiting Behaviors

That are holding you back

Is your life controlling you?  Coaching will help you take back your life and make it extraordinary!

We can help you find out how to get unstuck, overcome challenges and achieve your goals. 


A limiting belief is something that is NEITHER factual NOR reality since it hasn’t happened yet, but in your mind, it is completely true. Limiting beliefs trap you in your own mental trap and restricts you from exploring the unknown possibilities in front of you. 

About Our Life Coaching Approaches

Identify Your Problems and Look Forward

Empower the Solutions You Can Find Within Yourself

Take the Path to Success and Energize Your Solutions 

  • The best coaches have a wide range of tools they can call upon
  • We use a combination of coaching approaches, depending on the situation, often linking solutions focused, values based, goal focused and non directive approaches because they compliment one another


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I'm Ready to get Clarity

Just like the best sports coaches have the experience to understand the physical and mental limitations of athletes, as relationship coaches we have the sensitivity to listen to your situation, to understand it deeply without judgement, and to guide and support you to be prepared for any challenge on your list

You don’t need to change everything...

You just need to change how you’re approaching everything. And that’s what we’ll be working on together…

Finding the tools to improve communication and building your couple connection 

If you are struggling in your relationship for rekindle the romance, and you're serious about finding answers, we're here to help

Perhaps the love connection and communication is nearly gone and it feels more like you have a roommate than a life partner, you can find clarity, confidence and peace of mind an you can take action to restore those feelings you used to have

Maybe your children are seeing the strain between you both, and you're worried about their, however you also don't want to force a divorce on them you feel stuck  it

It is our job to help you get unstuck in your relationship and we love to help!

Relationship coaching guides couples to achieve relationship success and enrichment in three main areas:

*To help single people to form and secure stable relationships

*To assist couples seeking to enhance their relationship

* To support parents looking to improve their relationships with their children

I'm Ready to Get Clarity Around My Relationship

Time to Move Forward in My Relationships With Clarity and Confidence in the Most Efficient Way

If we work together we’ll be focusing on 3 specific things.

1. Where you are now

2. Where you want to be

3. How to get there

Your relationship coach will give you new tools and strategies to move forward in your life

Coaching with your relationship coach give you the strength, courage and support to make the changes necessary regardless of your partner’s engagement in the process

We Are Ready for Lasting Love and Relationship Fulfillment