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Vytal Life, Relationship, and Business Coaching   250-899-1847

Online Personal Life & Relationship Coaching                                     

Based in West Kelowna with One-to-One Online Service Throughout North America

Life Coaching, Mindfulness & HeartMath

Use a certified mindfulness coach to develop sustainable strategies to bring overall wellness, health, and well-being

Energy, Overcome Fears, Notice the Moment, Live in the Moment

What Is  Professional Life Coaching?

Individualized Plans For You and Only You

We are Certified Personal Life Coaches and we help you live happier, better lives, increase your energy, and reduce stress. From the first customized session, you'll feel more at ease and build clarity and confidence. If you're interested in personal development we'll help you grow during one-to-one coaching sessions. We're proud to be devoted coaches who are great listeners and friends. We are experts at teaching people how to change the relationships they have with themselves and we use the most comprehensive tools. Premarital Relationship Coaching provides couples, through specialized premarital assessment, a strong foundation for their upcome marriage. Post-Marriage Coaching guides couples during life changes. individualized strategies for improving their health, and emotional well-being

We'll Work Together & Find What's Stopping You

Life Coaching supports clients in working out what they want, why they want it, and what's stopping them

We'll work with you to create your personal action plan

Personal Empowerment

Through this supportive relationship, as Life Coaches, we'll empower you with a focus on facilitating acceptance to meet your 

overall well-being goals 

Together We'll Create a Plan of Action

Through this supportive relationship, you'll assess your current physical and emotional state, and set goals for what you want to achieve in your overall wellness and health by creating plans of action to reach your goals

Start Your Journey Now

Long-Term Wellness

Personal well being includes:


Satisfaction with life

Good mental health

A sense of purpose or meaning

The ability to manage stress

Overcoming fears

Just feeling well

Wellness coaches provide highly personalized help

As a wellness coach we can help you set goals for improved nutrition and exercise

                 happiness, vitality, calmness, optimism, involvement, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-worth, competence, development, purpose, significance, congruence, and connection

Almost everyone is looking for that sense of well-being because it includes so many positive things:

feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful                      


   How To Improve Your Overall Well-Being and Empowerment 

                                                               We work closely with our clients on a one-on-one basis to                                                                                                          empower you to reach your goals and improve your 

                                                              feelings of strength and confidence

Fitness is 50% Mental and 50% Physical

It is your time to reset your life

                  Physical Well-Being                  

                  Emotional Well-Being

                  Financial Well-Being

                  Workplace Well-Being 

                  Relationship Well-Being

 >  Well-being emerges from your thoughts, actions, and experiences

 >  We often have greater emotional well-being when we think positive thoughts

 >  When our relationships are meaningful, we enjoy better social well-being

How Wellness Coaches Describe Well-Being...

Happiness, Vitality, Calmness, Optimism, Hopeful, Involved, Aware, Accepting yourself the way you are, Liking yourself, Feeling highly effective at what you do, Feeling you are improving, Having a purpose and a mission in life, Feeling that what you do is worthwhile, Feeling close and connected to the people around you

    Working with your wellness coach should be an inspiring,

empowering and motivating experience helping you

create plans for long-term wellness

Make a long-held dream come true

Imagine What You Will Achieve 

Wellness Coaches Are Your Key Motivators

After an in-depth conversation with your wellness coach to find out what is important to you,

why you are looking for help and what you want to achieve,

you will make goals and we'll design an action plan specifically for you

Always happy

Always with you

Better health, better lifestyle

Don’t wait to gain weight

Execute Lifestyle Changes Now

Eating Right


Do you want to improve your health or well-being in general

 There doesn't always need to be something wrong in order for a

 person to want to improve their health or overall wellness   Working with a wellness coach can help

Eat healthy, stay safe

Physical Well-Being.

The ability to improve the functioning of your body through healthy eating and good exercise habits

Lifestyle Change Is 

 Creating Your Own Success Story

When you want to make a lifestyle change, such as losing weight or quitting smoking...

A wellness coach provides small steps to achieve goals and we provide guidance, motivation and 

support along the way

You already know that if you stop eating healthy and go back to eating junk food, then you'll end up back where you started

If you want to maintain the benefits you gain, you'll want to continue to engage in well-being practices to maintain your skills

So it's really helpful to have support from a wellness coach 

and strategies and tools that help you stick to your well-being goals

Begin Improving Your Health Now

Personal Well Being includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and ability to manage stress

Well-being is just feeling well!

When Do You Need a Wellness Coach?

When you know it is time to make lifestyle changes in behavior to improve your overall well-being it's time to get started

Can You Actually Improve Your Well-Being?

You Bet You Can !

But increasing your well-being is not always easy:

Figuring out what parts of well-being are most important for you and figuring out how, exactly, to build well-being skills usually require some extra help

That's Where We Come In

Enjoy every moment of your life

 Ways a Wellness Coach Can Help

Different people have different needs when it comes to personal 

well-being and health

Well-being is not just the absence of illness

It's a combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors

 If you think that having someone help you identify your goals, strengths, and challenges and create a step by step plan to help you reach your health and wellness goals, then you will

 benefit from a wellness coach

For the Body You Desire

What is Wellness?

Wellness is happiness, vitality, calmness, optimism, involvement, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-worth, competence, development, purpose, significance, congruence, and connection


A Complete Guide to Finding Joy

The Five Major Types of Well-Being

Be Physically Fit

You Know You'll Like It

Secrets to Wellness

>Emotional Wellness

We can help you learn stress-management techniques to help you be resilient, and to generate the emotions that lead to good feelings

Anxiety or stress may also be helped with certain types of wellness coaching 

>Physical Wellness 

We'll help you improve the performing of your body through healthy eating and good exercise habits

>Social Wellness

Social wellness is all about our relationships and how we interact with others 

How To Overcome Loneliness and Join the Fun

Improving your ability to communicate, 

developing meaningful relationships with others, and maintaining a support network 

We support you as you build your social skills- gratitude, kindness, and communication and you can have positive interactions with others

Imagine feeling less lonely, angry, or disconnected

>Workplace Wellness

Up Against the Wall With Deadlines?

Project Identity and Overwhelm?

Information Overload?

Stimulation Overload?

It's Called Workplace Stress

*We totally get it and we know what to do about it

*We understand the reasons that drive you, and the          thought processes that perpetuate your debilitating

  stress and anxiety 

*Symptoms of work stress are both painful and

  dangerous to your health and well-being 

*If you are afraid of losing your job to work stress you      are not alone!

How to Move Forward, Extinguish the Patterns of Stress, Anxiety & Fear &

 Get Your Life Back

We can help you learn strategies and practices to transform work stress, manage emotional energy and keep a balanced perspective

Build Your Professional Skills

We are business experts and building professional skills which that will help you to advance more effectively is an important part of ending workplace stress. Our sessions are powerful and include supporting you to  live your values and maintain work-life balance

Loving Your Job and Finding Your Ideal Career

We can give you the tools to love your job, pursue your interests, live your values, and find purpose in order to gain meaning, happiness, and professional enrichment 

>Societal Wellness

The ability to actively participate in a thriving community, culture, family gathering and environment

To build your overall well-being, we will assist you to feel socially connected, have more positive emotions and be able to  better cope with challenges 

Being A Wonderful Support & Leader is Amazing

Just imagine feeling like you are a part of something bigger than yourself-now, that is growth!

Your Contribution to the World is Significant

We can help you build skills that help make you feel interconnected and be able to support others as you are able to foster a culture of compassion and kindness 

Add kindness to your work routine

To foster a culture of kindness...

Look for what is good, Choose empathy, and give each other the benefit of the doubt

Changing longtime behavior patterns is no easy thing

We Can Help

Be a nice human

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life!

Do something good today

Everyday is another chance to change your life

Key Benefits of Emotional Wellness

Confidence, Energy, Creativity, Better Body-Better Life

Greatness is in You

Make the most out of Life

Social Wellness and Things You Can Do to Improve Your Social Wellness

Volunteers Planting Trees and Making a Positive Change in the World

Believe in Yourself

Be true to who you are and Be the master of your success story

Short List of Work Stress Symptoms

Insomnia Tiredness. Irritability Outbursts of Anger. Bad mood Consuming too much caffeine or alcohol Low productivity accompanied by feelings of low achievement Regular absence and a higher sickness rate Being accident-prone

Recognize and Manage Workplace AnxietyYou are good at your career!

You will love your job! We can provide you with important skills and resources to manage workplace anxiety and guide you to a new job if that is your desire

Build Your Professional Skills

Get That Promotion With all the Perks!

We can help you find your ideal career

Want to be your own boss and Work in the career suited to your specific talents? We will help you

Building Social Connections

Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept

Dreams don’t work unless you do

Every life is a gift...Bloom Where You're Planted

Are you ready to make a positive impact 

in other people's lives?

Add kindness to your work routine

and see what happens

Develop Emotional Well-Being

Live Life Better

Step by step finding success while building happiness skills, mindfulness skills positive thinking skills and resilience skills

Dream. Believe. Succeed!

Scientific Research Tells Us: 

The more motivated you are to build 

well-being skills, the greater the impact

To be the Best, Wellness is a Must

*To develop emotional well-being, we will help you to build emotional skills such as emotion regulation, positive thinking, and mindfulness 

*These skills are needed to to cope with the wide variety of situations we encounter in our lives

*When you have built these emotional well-being skills, you can better cope with stress, handle your emotions in the face of challenges, and quickly recover from disappointments

*As a result, you can enjoy your life more, you'll feel happier and be ready to pursue your goals a bit more effectively

Financial Wellness

A way to increase your financial well-being is to plan ahead because the more you feel in control of your money, the more you control of the rest of your life

Planning ahead boosts your engagement with your finances and checking yourself to make sure your spending is in line with 

what’s important to you can help you feel more in charge

 Achieve Financial Well-Being 

Small steps can address stress by helping you achieve near- and long-term goals

Essential Habits For Fitness

*Eating for Health

*Detoxing Your Body

*Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies

*Removing Plastic From Your Home

*Learn About Health

Find Your Strength

Eight Simple Tips for Fitness Success:

1. Stay Motivated-we'll help you stay on track

2. Exercise Daily-have some sort of moderate physical        activity in your everyday life

3. Be Sure to Get Sleep-to recharge the body's batteries

4. Eat the Right Foods and Portion Each Meal- Fruits            and vegetables, lean meats, 

5. Keep Track of Calories and Food Intake Per Day

6. Stay away from sugar-

7. Have 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals

8. Drink more water

  Get Active Today and We Can Help

Learn What a Healthy Diet and Exercise Routine Looks Like

Exercising to Lose Weight

We will talk together about your fitness goals and then working as partners, we will create your

 Individualized Action Plan 

It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change

We will help motivate you in your exercise program and

we'll hold you accountable

When we improve our physical well-being:

*We feel better

*Our newfound health can help prevent many diseases

*Boost our emotional well-being

*Limit the number of health challenges we have to deal    with in our lives

Bottom Line, a Better Life! 

Commit to be fit!

Develop Physical Wellness

Fitness brings you healthier life

Healthy maintenance of body and giving strength

Easy Exercise-7 minutes fast walk 7 minutes of easy lunges and easy push ups 7 minutes fast walk

Allow for exercise every day, maintain a consistent exercise program,


Health coaches do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Always consult your doctor. 

* Individual results may vary