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Vytal Property Management

Commercial Buildings

Leasing, Managing and Full Service

Tips For Property Managers

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Vytal Property Management

British Columbia, Canada is our Backyard >Management and leasing of multi-family and single-family housing in the Western Canada area <

Vytal Property Management

Management Services

We manage your residential, strata

 and commercial properties

efficiently and effectively,

providing exceptional and 

friendly service

Welcome to Vytal Property Management - your resource for full-service property management in the Western Canada area.

We specialize in the management and leasing of multi-family and single-family housing, and commercial and rental properties.

We provide a complete range of property management services, be that for residential, commercial or strata properties.

With our clients we develop customized and residential

and commercial propertiesproperty-specific management plans and we build trusting relationships through consistent communication and proven management techniques.

Please contact us today if you own residential and/or commercial rentals in Western Canada. We are more than happy to answer your questions! 

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Services Include:


Property Management

Training and Coaching for Property  Managers

No-Nonsense Tenants

This is how we care

We Vet Your Renters


Get A Quote       1-250-899-1847

Service Guarantee

Manage all your properties all in one place 



*Fully accountable service, all day to day operations for any sized property from single family         detached homes 

  to multi story rental apartments

*Investment Property Bookkeeping

*Online training for property manager, entrepreneurs and landlords that helps you move ahead

*Business leasing communications & sales course

Bringing It All Together

Property Management and Bookkeeping

Western Canada Online Property Management

Residential Rental Property

Our Commitment: To Provide and Exceed Expectations 

It's what sets us apart !

Property Management and Full Service Property Management Accounting

 Combination Quote (Property Mgmt. plus Bookkeeping Service Quote)

*Save Money With This Service Package Offer




Property Management

Both Bookkeeping and Property Management

We Are Property Management Specialists

Save Money Now

Investment Property Owners

Achieve the Greatness

 You Deserve

Are you ready to wake up to your true greatness and live life on a new level.

Success is a journey of awakening to who you truly are, it is about growing to 

be the best that you can be

"Let nothing hold you back from creating

the life you've always wanted." 


Step onto the path of business growth and success

Management Services · Certified Contractors · Made Easy · High Standards

Please call us for a confidential no obligation quote

We care about your property 1-250-899-1847

Immediate Contact


See what clients have to say about us!

Friendly Service

I have had nothing but great service. The staff is very

professional, efficient and courteous.

Having them manage my rental property couldn't be easier.

I would highly recommend Vytal to anyone that needs a property manager."

Barbara L. Vancouver, BC

Peace of Mind

We would like to thank you for your  management of our properties.  We are very satisfied with your professionalism and management. Your tenant selection, property maintenance and expense control have been excellent. Most of all, we rely on your honesty and integrity. Communication with you is superb. I feel that I can call you at any time for your expert opinion. You have helped me many times by recommending individuals for maintenance projects at my own residence. I rely on your expertise both in leasing and sales. It makes my life a lot easier not having to worry about those properties.

Justin and Chad

Exceeded Our Expectations 

Job Well Done

We're small-scale property owners who were looking for a property manager with integrity and we found it! I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a job well done. You have always exceeded our expectations with our rental properties. From managing, leasing, taking care of repairs finding tenants, etc, you have been fantastic! We will definitely come back to you! It's a pleasure working with you! Thanks again and all the best! 

Ron K.  Calgary 

Professional Residential 

Management Services

Great Pricing

"Thank you for the opportunity to write this letter of 

recommendation and endorsement of Prime Properties. In managing our portfolio of over 30 units, you have always demonstrated professionalism and integrity. You have been competent, honest, and made every effort to keep costs at a minimum. Most importantly, when things have gone wrong, you have handled the situation in a timely and satisfactory manner".

Evan C. Vancouver

We provide a complete range of property management services, 

for residential, commercial or strata properties.

A Good Property Manager Will Save You Time, Money and Hassles and is a True Partner in Business With You 

Your Property Manager is more like an expert partner working with you on financial independence, growth and profits.

We're focused on your business success!

Property Maintenance and Care

insured-agreement-injury-blank-affordable-bags-security deposit-white-purchase-

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance rather than crisis management is the

cornerstone of a superior quality repair and maintenance program

This not only optimizes the useful life of your building and its operating systems, but will also minimize breakdowns,

repair and maintenance costs, and your tenant stress

Manage Maintenance and Repairs

As maintenance issues come up, we handle the entire process of finding vendors & managing the service, yet still giving you final control over the decisions


Sign Up For Online Business and Leasing Training & Coaching Sessions Now


Business and Leasing Training and Coaching One-To-One 

*Leasing course is conveniently offered online, is informative, well-defined, organized and motivating

*Relaxed, lively seminars designed to answer YOUR questions 

*Exclusive materials and FREEBIES Available when you complete the course

The easy way to learn quickly

Call now to enroll

*For landlords who rent out space & want to increase profits

*For companies who need to further train their in-house property managers

* Affordable and easy to access online

*For investment property owners

For Entrepreneurs

*Research shows that coaching and training is more effective combination that training alone. 

With only training productivity goes up by 22% but coaching and training productivity increases by a whopping 88% 

Learn More

Business and Leasing Training and Coaching Online Session

Three 45-minute online training and coaching sessions for $350.00

 Sessions course description for >Vytal's Business and Leasing Training and Coaching> Sessions DESCRIPTION


Session Length: Three online sessions of 45 Minutes Each

Target Viewers: Leasing Managers, Leasing Supervisors, Building Managers, Consultants, New Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Human Resource Managers

Program Cost: $350 

Additional Course Description:

Vytal’s Business and Leasing Training and Coaching Meetings are designed to instruct and challenge the new leasing consultant or even the more experienced manager who want extra tools and methods that will help him gain respect and personal 

self-confidence. Your online sessions will provide you with the tools to improve your management and sharpen your leasing skills to enable you to become an effective and confident and knowledgeable leasing and property manager.

In a Lively and Fun Online Environment Learn How To:

*Qualify clients.

*Write your elevator speech.

*Perfect your sales presentation.

*Close–Close the sale quickly and effectively.

*Know what the body language of your client indicates.

*Ask strategic questions to immediately connect with your client.

*Quickly accumulate important history/knowledge of the buildings’ condition.

*Commercial Leasing

*Project confidence about & knowledge of, rental properties in your portfolio

*Rise above the vast majority of the competition by using more than ten closing techniques and fifteen closing question *How to turn a “no” into a “yes”

*Improve listening skills and communication: Listen to your prospect recognize key concerns & provide a  solution to fit their          business’ needs 

*Demonstrate your knowledge of leasing, leasing procedures, terminology

*Increase your personal self-awareness (listen, understand and process the information your client is giving you)

*Complete leasing documents, following the correct legal requirements for NNN, Gross and Subsidized properties- ex: lease            documentation, cost analysis of capital projects, repairs and maintenance

*Tenant interviews, screening, selection of the best tenants to be signed into the building-leasing documents and the required        digital processing 

Business and Leasing Coaching and Training Sessions-Three 45-minute online sessions for $350.00