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Vytal Life and Relationship Coaching   250-899-1847   [email protected]

Trust and Vision

Let's Build a Life with Purpose

Based in West Kelowna

With 1-t0-1 Online Service in North America

Wh​at's  Holding You Back?

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+1-(250) 899-1847

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571 Unit 22, 2475 Dobbin Rd. West Kelowna BC V4T 2E9

Discover How Life Coaching Can Radically Transform Your Life

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you are already taking the first step on the path to building the life you desire. We are here to help you see the extraordinary human being you are and to help you build the life you truly want; and help you build a life with purpose

Over the years, we have helped many clients break down their limiting beliefs and build personal, empowering belief systems that they use to structure their lives, and achieve the joy that is is tied to purpose.

Call for free consultation 

25 minutes

Who's Holding You Back?

“The only person who is truly holding you back is you. No more excuses. It’s time to change. It’s time to live life at a new level.”

 – Tony Robbins

How Our Proven Coaching System Can Help You

Through personal, one-on-one coaching sessions, the Vytal Life Coaching System helps you discover the areas in your life that you are discontented with, and your coach will work with you to shift your perspective. You will see that these obstacles and difficult tasks are not roadblocks, but opportunities that you can  unlock work through, and overcome, enabling you to achieve the life you desire!

Step-By-Step You'll:

* Identify the areas of your life you would like to change: such as marriage, entrepreneurship, spirituality, self-development, social development, finding your      soulmate or you just want to improve

* Find clarity about what you really want for your own fulfilled life, and look past what has been blocking you from finding your joy 

* Now that we've worked together to determine what will really provide you satisfaction in life, what are the actions needed to get there 

* Create an action plan (outline) to help you achieve your goals

* Through accountability and with supportive, constructive feedback, we can address any wavering self-doubt and negative feedback loops to help you achieve more purpose-driven and empowered outcomes

>You can be anything you want but first, you have to believe it! 

*Isn't it about time you discovered the life-changing confidence you can feel when you reach your purpose-driven life-vision 

Find more information on our three Life Coaching and 

four Relationship Coaching Packages, as well as Bonus Offers included with each package

Also Continue to scroll down to the Mindfulness Coaching Package

​Life Coaching Packages

This 3-month coaching package is a remarkable way to take your life commitment to the next level 

Includes: 12 x 45-min. Personal Success Online Sessions  ($1460 Value) 

                                            ...Plus 6 Bonus Offers...

Bonus Package includes: 6 products to help bring clients a higher quality of life, new hope, and increased joy and fulfillment!

Bonus #I. BI-Weekly Workshop-podcasts 50-min.                                 Value $650 

"Personal Development, Add Structure, Healthy Life, Increase Joy, Wellness" 

Bonus #2. Monthly Guided HeartMath Sessions: Tools and Science (Value $650) 


Bonus #3.  HeartMath Videos, Techniques and Tools to Transform Stress and Conquer Chronic Fears                                                                             (Value $200)


Bonus #4. Private Collection of Self-Talk Audios                                   (Value $150)

This motivational collection is a tool to start implementing positive, inspiring self-talk so you can rewire your thoughts and beliefs each day. You'll live a more fulfilled and inspire life!   

Bonus #5. Access to: Private Coaching Facebook Group                (Value $300) 

This private Facebook Group is your opportunity to connect with me your personal life-coach. Take advantage of weekly LIVE coaching sessions and conversations centered around personal growth strategies and proven ways to approach your personal or professional life. Benefit from this extra support  while on your coaching journey, create empowering strategies for yourself, and achieve more proven outcomes! 

Bonus #6. Vytal Library of Content-Featured Collection Book List       (Value $75)       

Total Value: $2,498

What You Pay: $2,025 

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Email to book your 25 min complimentary coaching call

This powerful 6-month coaching package helps you have more secure, confident, and happy lives using the principles of success to create amazing outcomes and drive massive results in a short timeframe.

Includes: 18 x 45-min. Personal Success Online Sessions         ($2,900 Value)

...Plus 6 Bonus Offers...

Bonus Package Includes: 6 products/five from the 3-month Package, plus

one life-crushing Premium True Change Feature Product!

Bonus #6. Bi-Monthly Financial and Budgeting Coaching Sessions with 

Certified Accounting Expert & Certified Professional Life Coach 

        Giving You Financial Power! (Homework/Worksheets incl.)       

Imagine the feelings and beliefs that could run through your nervous system system if I asked you to write down the amount of savings or debt you have? Those "about money questions bring up fears, feelings of shame, and other very strong emotions as well as very painful beliefs in many people. 

These beliefs become powerful indicators in our lives, because what we fear we believe to be true. This is called a self fulfilling prophecy. Your Financial Coach will work with you to help you remove these powerful fears. With your dramatic new empowerment we can address the solutions to this big problem.      (Value $2,495)

Total Value: 5,395

What You pay: $4,895

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Email to book your 25 min complimentary coaching call

This transformational 12-month coaching package provides you with the full support of a Life Coach, Financial Expert, and HeartMath and Mindfulness Provider to help you overcome life's challenges, empower your purpose, improve the important aspects of your life, and achieve the highest level of satisfaction, happiness, and success? 

This life coaching package can help you achieve a better work-life balance, improve relationships, or lose weight and help clients figure out what they want and how they can reach it through weekly online sessions. Also receive Unlimited Inbox Coaching and In-between Call Accountability

Includes: all the bonus packages from the 3-month and 6-month sessions packages, plus:

12-month- (36 weekly) X 45 minute Online one-to-one Personal Success & Happiness Coaching Sessions       ($5,250 Value) 

                                                                            ...Plus 2 Bonus Offers...

8. Bonus: Overload, Burnout, Mindset and About Wellbeing Online Mini Classes

 These 8 x 45-minute private sessions give you advice and tools to cover factors about these complex topics:  

  • "Conflict Skills, Mgmt. Coaching, Healthy Mind, Weight Mgmt. Healthy Living, Relationships"                       (Value $1400)                                                                           


9. Bonus: Gift package - One FREE month to a family member, colleague or friend!                                         (Value $445)

Total Value: $$7,095

*Schedule Your Free Coaching Call Please Inquire For Your Special Offer Price!*

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Email to book your 25 min complimentary coaching call

​Relationship Coaching Package

This 3-month, weekly x 45-min. Online Relationship Coaching Package is a remarkable way to take your relationship to the next level

Sessions are conducted both online, enabling in-session access to coaching resources

Email to book your 25 min complimentary coaching call

With your relationship coach we'll Identify challenges, strengthen areas of weakness, help you and your partner create a vision and develop a roadmap toward a stronger and healthier relationship

You'll receive Email and text support between coaching sessions

Especially For Partners Who Want To Make A Stronger Happier More Loving Relationship


Reconnect with your partner

Short and long-term relationship goal setting

Restore and renew hope for your relationship

Improve parenting skills or help with new baby

Learn to communicate better and end conflicts fairly

See how to navigate conflict in ways that increase intimacy

Gain the confidence and clarity you need to fix your relationship 

Deepen your connections and improve your relationship fulfillment

For partners who want to make a stronger happier more loving relationship

Helping couples create a dynamic, respectful, purposeful and romantic relationship 

that is meaningful and joyful to both people

Offering you both a safe, non-judgmental space for you to feel heard and understood       

While we offer weekly and monthly coaching sessions, we recommend a commitment of no less than 3 months as research has shown that for positive behaviors to occur and become a lifestyle, change takes at least 12 weeks

We are confident we have the relationship coaching experience to meet your specific needs, in the privacy of your own house with both people in the same room or separate rooms                                                          (Value $1450)

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Email to book your 25 min complimentary coaching call

Mindfulness Coaching Package

Mindfulness Coaching Package To Unlock and Achieve the Life You Desire

Find Calm, Acceptance, Self-Compassion, Inner Peace and Feel Grounded and Present

Be in Charge of Your Thoughts, Your Reactions, and Take Control of Your Life!

Feel the Health-related Benefits Others Have Derived With Mindful Practices and Mindful Living

Mindfulness Success Coaching Sessions 

This mindfulness coaching sessions package includes:

2-month weekly (8 X 45 min.) Mindfulness Success Online Coaching Sessions

to help you remain mindful in life. During Mindfulness sessions you will learn how to focus on being intensely aware of what you're sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. You'll receive and us a variety of tools and techniques to help you focus better, overcome fear and worry, relax more, and create serenity. Mindful living has many benefits, like relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, reducing chronic pain, and decreasing anxiety and depression.

1. The way you speak to yourself matters - learn the benefits of positive self-talk

2. The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment - become aware of how you feel 

    about the issue at hand and overcome anxiety triggers

3. Mindfulness *exercises help you develop concentration, mindfulness, and reflective, creative and heart-centered meditation skills and heart coherence

4. Mindfulness coaches help clients remain mindful in life by introducing *tools and *techniques to help you focus better and relax more and to repair damage from                situations in which you felt deeply hurt of betrayed

5. Mindful living has many benefits, like relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, reducing chronic pain, and decreasing anxiety and depression

6. Learn the method to clear your accumulated anxieties and get on with your life after finding your objectivity 

7. We include effective, proven and powerful HeartMath strategies, techniques and tools into your mindfulness coaching sessions   (Value $499)

Mindfulness isn't something that just happens. It's a learned skill, that you can develop over time with practice

Contact us to get started right now

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Email to book your 25 min complimentary coaching call

What Clients Say About Our Coaching

“Frank helped me during a very difficult time and I've seen such a change. My life has completely changed for the better. He helped me find my voice and my strength. It was worth every penny.”                                                                        - Liam R.

“Working with my relationship coach completely changed my marriage. This was the best investment I have ever made. If you would have told me I would feel this way about my relationship 12 weeks ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.”    - Debbie T.