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Vytal Life, Relationship, and Business Coaching


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Welcome to Our Services Page. There is a lot to see here. 

Take your time and look around. Take a moment to drop us a line.

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 Coaching and Consulting

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Essentials of Leadership         One-to-One Life Coaching         Couples Coaching

One-to-One Transformation Coaching        Expert Small Business Consulting   


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Essentials of Leadership

Self Improvement

​Communication & Creativity Reach A Particular Goal

Online Coaching Service 

Worksheets Tools Training Sessions

Build Leadership Gain Confidence

Increase confidence self-worth & communication skills to use in a variety of settings: 

*Crush Job Interviews

*1:1 Meetings

 Team Meetings Leadership Positions

Public Speaking Online or

 On Stage 

Get That Raise

Powerful sessions for individuals and managers who seek to enhance your skills -- you’ll be able to improve situations, regardless of your position or level of authority 

 Rock the Interview

 Become the Manager or Team Leader 

Develop a framework for analysis and action around your management challenges

You will leave this program with a personal action plan to apply these techniques and insights to your own real-world situation.

Get the Perks You Deserve

You’ll develop a Personal Brand and Job Search Elevator Speech that helps you stand out from other candidates

​Mindful Leadership Coaching
Learn how to make communication a

 present-moment event

People Expecting to Take On Leadership Roles

Discover how to lead with courage for a high-performance environment

Be able to listen to yourselves and other others when business develops and evolves in an environment that is very often volatile and you must think and make decisions in the present 

moment and not lag behind or 

get ahead of yourself

Expand Your Professional Network

 I am here to help you become a more mindful leader who can help others handle the stress of the ever-changing business day

Strengthen Your Negotiation Skills 

You’ll develop a Personal Brand and Job Search Elevator Speech that helps you stand out from other candidates

Powerful Career Coaching Sessions

  • 60 minutes in length
  • Can be weekly or bi-weekly
  • 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 sessions discount packets available
  • Use of insightful career coaching exercises and assessments
  • No additional cost for coaching exercises worksheets personality tests or fun

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Leadership Excellence

Elevate Your leadership Performance

Self Improvement, Communication Creativity Reach A Particular Goal SALE ON NOW Just Reduced $110.00 from $200.00

One-to-One Life Coaching

Raise Self-Awareness and Understanding 

Find Optimal Direction and Empowerment and

              Become A Better,

                Stronger You

Online coaching Service

Helping Kickstart New Lifestyles for today's strong men and women

My personal commitment is to provide you with an objective 3rd-party view as to how you cope with life's challenges and problems and

support you as you analyze your problems and look at them from a new perspective that you couldn’t have realized on your own


Improving Health * Improving Life

It's your future… be there happy and healthy

Health is not appreciated until sickness comes

We'll work together to plan habits to keep your body at it’s best

You will set yourself on the path to long-term success and fulfillment and form a positive

self-image as well as your own

accountability system and framework


Together we will design your specialized personal plan, to make and achieve your goals

You will learn how to identify  self- defeating 

thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, both professionally and personally, and learn how to move forward with more confidence, love, clarity and purpose

The Importance of Goals

Goal-setting sessions help you learn:

*Why individuals should set goals

*How to make goals work

*How to set personal goals

Writing and Reaching Performance Goals

*How to set business and personal goals

*Goals to set for yourself


*Writing measurable goals

Self-Accountability System

As we work together I will help you learn to be accountable for your actions and provide you with understanding and support while you accomplish lasting growth and you will form a sustainable, positive, 

effective and forward-looking 

Powerful Career Coaching Sessions

  • 60 minutes in length
  • Can be weekly or bi-weekly
  • 1, 4, 6, or 8 or 12 sessions discount packets available
  • Use of insightful coaching exercises and assessments worksheets & more
  • No additional cost for career coaching exercises

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Create the Life You Love

Step Onto the Path of Change

Raise Self-Awareness and Understanding Find Optimal Direction and Empowerment and Become A Better, Stronger You! FLASH SALE $110 .00 Reg. Price $200.00

Couples Coaching

Relationships Coaching

For Partners Who Want To Make A Stronger Happier 

More Loving Relationship 

Online Coaching Service

Helping couples create a dynamic, respectful, purposeful and romantic relationship that is meaningful and joyful to both people

Achieving Happiness 

Typical Couples Coaching clients can take the form of individuals or a couple

We’ll first assess where you’re at and where you want your relationship to be

Your custom coaching programs will help you reach your goal quickly

Assess Your Expectations

I help couples who want more connections, and who are seeking ways to build bridges instead of creating walls. Helping change the world, one couple, or even one single looking for love at a time, by helping create peace, love, harmony, and happiness with people who are experiencing problems

Improve the Quality of 

Your Relationships

 If you think you always go for the wrong type of person, then we will assess your expectations

With self reflection you can discover what you want from a relationship and gain clarity about what you have to offer another person 

A Strong and Fulfilling Relationship

I help you get empowered to create a relationship that is a source of energy, strength and renewal. If you are tired of conflict, feeling stressed out or undervalued in your relationship - it’s time to do something about it

Relationship Creation and Transformation

Having deep and meaningful relationship is the most essential key to living a long and fulfilling life according to an extensive  75 year long study from Harvard

Don’t looking back, wishing you

lived and loved more fully...

Your romantic relationship is the single most important relationship in your life. When it isn't working, everything suffers – health, work, creativity, family, peace of mind – everything!

Healing Wounds

The heart of being a relationship coach is to help heal wounds in relationships and help people live a life of happiness and bliss--a life to be loved

Building Skills

People want to make their relationships work, but they can lack the skills to deal with financial struggles, communication breakdowns, sexual problems, children, or the stresses 

of daily life. My goal is to help you transform your life and your relationship, so you can let go of thoughts and behaviors that undermine your relationship, so that a renewed and fulfilled life can emerge-follow a better path

Align Personal Values And Needs

Identify the current difficulties

How you communicate with each other

and if your communications styles are compatible-how you both can improve

Set goals, and identify areas for growth

Find ways to show caring, respect, and love to your partner 

Powerful Career Coaching Sessions

  • 60 minutes in length
  • Can be weekly or bi-weekly
  • 1, 4, 6, or 8 or 12 sessions discount packets available
  • Use of insightful coaching exercises and assessments
  • No additional cost for coaching exercises
  • In the privacy of your own house with both people in the same room or separate rooms

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Set Yourself On the Path to Long-Term Success and Fulfillment

Coaching Couples and Relationship Enhancement For Partners Who Want To Make A Stronger Happier More Loving Relationship FLASH SALE ON NOW! $224.00 Reg. Price $250.00

One to One Transformation Coaching

Helping People Grow and Assisting Individuals on Their Journey to Happy Fulfilling Lives

“Coaching is helping people grow without telling them what to do.” – Tony Stoltzfus

1 To 1 Transformation Coaching is a process of steps designed to help people move forward setting goals so they can live the life they truly want

 Are You A Little Stuck-Want to Move Ahead?

Most coaching clients are successful, healthy people who might be a little stuck in an area of their life or who want to make a big change

Set Yourself On the Path 

To Long-Term Success and Fulfillment

Often people who are feeling stuck or directionless, seek the support of a life coach to empower them by helping them make, meet and surpass goals in both their personal and

 professional lives

Personal Growth

Personal growth is the ultimate desired outcome of life coaching

As your  life coach I will support you in all the aspects of your journey to achieve the optimal results you yearn for in your situation

By understanding your situation at a deeper level, you will be able to come up with solutions that can improve your set of circumstances

Begin Your Journey To Success Live Your Dreams

You will receive tools and strategies to gain clarity and direction

Working hand in hand with a life coach will help you come up with the optimal direction that will contribute to your goals and objectives

Immeasurable Benefits

A life coach can bring immeasurable benefits into your life helping you  become a better version of yourself for you and your loved ones


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Feel Your Strength

One To One Transformation Coaching-Helping People Grow and Assisting Individuals on Their Journey to Happy Fulfilling Lives FLASH SALE FOR LIMITED TIME $110.00 Reg. Price $200

Expert Small Business Consulting

Business Consulting For 

Start-ups and Established Businesses 

To Build Growth

Coaching services with high impact. Helping business owners and team leaders at all levels achieve outstanding individual, team and organizational results

Achieve Optimal Performance

Use the most effective tools, methods, and techniques so that you and your entire staff

will achieve optimal performance, balance, 

reduce stress and grow your business

 Identify Areas of Improvement

Identify successes and potential areas of improvement in your current business plan and offer an objective viewpoint

Strategic Thinking

Design your business model and marketing plan

Help a new business owner plan and implement projects and vital business practices to produce practical results, greater profits and enhance strategic thinking

Workplace Pressure

Business coaching will provide a very positive impact on your office atmosphere and reduce workplace pressure

Dominate Your Industry

*Live Your Best Life

*Feeling Healthy Should Not Be A Luxury

*Find Your Ideal Business Coach and Re-Build       Identity Confidence

*Think More strategically


*Transition From a Negative, Disempowering Mindset to an Empowering, Resilient Mindset

*Lead with Purpose and Skill!

Resilient Mindset

*Increase Accountability and Achievement of Business Outcomes

Gain Greater Capability and Confidence

*To proactively address conflict

*To increase effectiveness in

 leading a team

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Be the Innovator 

Expert Small Business Consulting-Business Consulting for Small Business Start-ups, Established Businesses to Build Growth ON SALE NOW $375.00 Reg. Price $475.00 Save $100.00

30-Minute FREE Discovery CALL

The Best Strategy Session Ever

A Whole New World

Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now

*Plan     *Implement    *Achieve

FREE Consultation 30 minutes

Find Your Best Career

Live Your Best Life

Building Your Business

Overcome Stress & Anxiety

Small Business Consulting

Personal Growth

Leadership Skills


Better Social Life



Moving Forward


Pursue a career that ignites a sense of purpose and passion

Want out of an unfulfilling career

Tap into your own unique talents and strengths

Book a FREE consultation 

Ignite your career path

Together, we will discover your 

best career path

Experience  warm lasting relationships 

Get clear about your values

Go from feeling stuck to unstoppable

Create the life you’re meant to live

Discover Affordable Bookkeeping Services 

Let's Talk Property Management

Ask about Courses and Schedules

Let's Connect

Reach Out For Free Consultation Now

FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call-Best Planning Session Ever-The Best Strategy Session Ever FREE *Balanced Money *Balanced Life * Stay Strong. Live Long Let's Connect


Vytal Coaching and Consulting Success Stories

I needed to  gain clarity about what I wanted the second half of my life to look like. I couldn't look ahead but I kept looking back. I wanted to have ideas about what it would be and feel like as I went through my midlife transition. My coach was very soothing and he gave me strength too while leading me into a more productive and happy second half of life. He gave me information and during my sessions and he was really positive. He has helped me start living my life in accord with how I truly am and guided me to live with courage and clarity. I would recommend Frank

 to any woman who is  going through a midlife confusion similar to mine.

Ann M. -  Denver, Colorado

"I was at a cross-roads in my career where I was questioning what I was doing wrong. I couldn't stay with any one job for long and was changing jobs every two or three years. I was burned out and really lost in what I needed to change or where I was going to go next. I wanted to get out of the the rat-race and wondered if I was going to be able to keep working. But with the help from my Vytal coach I came to realize that it was my choices-they were wrong for me. My values did not match up with the practices of the companies I was working for and I kept making the same types of choices over and over again. Through career coaching, I realized talents I didn't realize could be used to make me money. So I went into business for myself and found both the money I needed and it is fun to use my baking skills in a creative way. My coach helped me learn the skills I needed to start up by business and I keep in touch with him so I don't make a mistake that could hurt my new business. So I just want to 

say thank you to Frank my coach for helping me gain the courage I was missing and just go for it. My shop is now 

my dream that has come to life!"

D.L. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Contact US NOW to discover how to clear away accumulated anxiety and start living your dreams

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