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Vytal Life, Relationship, and Business Coaching


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Career Coaching Especially For Women

 Career Coaching For Women

Coaching  For Women 

Who are Returning To Work 

Refresh~Job Satisfaction~Joy ~Confidence~Skills~Knowledge

 A Complete Career Change to Fit 

You and Your Strengths and Interests

Career coaching  personalized to help you along your career path to an exciting new job or your own business

 Regain Your Job Satisfaction Or

 Find It for the first Time

 Women in the 30 to 50 year age group can often lose their passion for their career

Take the Next Step and Regain Purpose and Clarity

 With  Career Coaching For Women, you will receive support to regain your clarity surrounding this 

aspect of your life

Replace Self-Doubt With New Direction

 If you left a successful career and feel self-doubt and confusion, I will help you  find your new direction

As a certified life and career coach, I can help you uncover the layers of confusion, frustration, pain that are blocking you and is preventing you from living the life you desire

It is Time to Stop Wasting Time In An Unfulfilling Job or Career

You will experience a one-to-one, warm and supportive coaching environment where you will learn skills and gain knowledge needed and reenter the workplace

Find the Job You Love

 I’ll encourage you to connect to the core of who you are and live an immeasurable life with the job you  love

Together We'll Develop Your Personalized Action Plan and 

You Will Move Forward

Confidentiality is a key component of the coaching process, so you can feel free to share your inner most issues, thoughts, concerns, and dreams and together, we will design a personalized action plan to help you move through life challenges, transitions, challenges, uncertainty, or the pain you may 

be currently experiencing

Find Passion For Your Work Again

 Your career coaching will be personalized to help you along your career path and you will find the passion for your work that you deserve

You will receive support to reclaim your self-assurance and intensity surrounding this important

 aspect of your life

 If you left a successful career and feel self doubt and confusion, I will help you find your new direction

Powerful Career Coaching Sessions

60 minutes in length

Can be weekly or bi-weekly

4, 6, 8, or 10 sessions discount packets available

Use of insightful career coaching exercises and assessments

No additional cost for career coaching exercises

Online Coaching Especially For Women

Going Back Into the Workforce

First Session FREE

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Women It is Time So...

Take the next step to your dream job

FLASH SALE ON NOW! Life and Career Coaching For Women Who are Returning to Work $100.00 Reg. Price $150.00

Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Transform Anxiety Coaching 

Break Free From Anxiety & Fear

Gain Optimal Health

Learn skills to cure anxiety 

Have a peaceful, happier life

If you struggle with anxiety, you can fine a warm and supportive coaching environment as you learn the tools and techniques to implement

to overcome your fears and you will see results quickly

Designing a Personalized Action Plan Specific to Your Situation and Needs

Together, we will design a personalized action plan to help you transform your anxiety and develop stress management, increased objectivity and control over feelings and emotions

* Your action plan will help you learn to deal with the pressures of the moment so that stress and anxiety will not accumulate and you will learn to

release it as it occurs

Finding Calm Security and Peace

 You will find more security and peace within yourself when you know how to take responsibility for 

your own feelings

There is relief for the pain you are currently experiencing

Your Dreams Can Come True

 Confidentiality is a key element of the coaching process so you can feel free to share your thoughts and feelings 

with me, as  I support you in your journey

Tools and Techniques and Journal

As you practice using techniques and tools I will give you during coaching sessions, you will learn how to overcome what you couldn't change before and you will keep a

 journal or your exercises and worksheets to chart your progress and get the most out of the 

techniques you will be learning

What Makes You Afraid?

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions and has a very strong effect on

your mind and body. There are plenty of triggers for fear in everyday life

Some people feel a constant sense of anxiety all the time, without any particular trigger

How Do You Know If You Need Help?

If you feel anxious all the time for several weeks, or if it feels like your fears are taking over your life, then it’s a good idea to seek help

Coaching provides tools and technique for coping 

with everyday stress and we are very effective in helping  people overcome anxiety problems

Find Your Self-Awareness

You will receive the support you need as you to become aware of habits that rule your life, leaving you drained and exhausted and will provide you with powerful and effective tools of change

Learn techniques and strategies that have been proven to help you with the mental and physical feelings of fear

Powerful Coaching Sessions: 

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions can be scheduled

Use of insightful coaching exercises and assessments

No additional cost for assessments and coaching exercises

Option to purchase 4,8,or 12 sessions as discounted packets

First Session FREE

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Replace Stress and Anxiety With Creativity Serenity and

 Optimal Health

Transforming Anxiety Coaching and Break Free From Anxiety, Gain Optimal Health ON SALE NOW $110.00 Reg. Price $150.00

Your Home Business

Digital Transformation for Your    Home Business

Turn Reach Into Revenue

Your Home  Business ~ 

Working From Home

Increase your Visibility

Innovators will Grab the Lions Share of Your Current Market!

When you plan to own and operate your business, you might start thinking about things like renting commercial real estate, commuting to an office, or managing employees

But with the rise of home businesses, more and more people are discovering ways to use remote work to pursue entrepreneurship, with their business headquartered at home

In today’s connected world, where technology affords us more flexibility in how and where we work, home-based businesses come in a variety of forms.

Delivering Value To Your Customers

The integration of digital technology into all areas of your business, changing how you operate and deliver value to customers

All Systems Go

We are in the digital transformation age and it is important for business owners to recognize the changes that will take place in their own market segment

Every aspect of your business is going to be required to change, including your strategies for marketing, finances, suppliers, and even your internal organization.

Move Towards Prosperity

Leverage Online Marketing Tactics 

Use Social Media

Utilizing social media helps you:

-Facilitate brand awareness

-Improve SEO for your small business

-Increase brand recognition, loyalty, and awareness

-Increase click-through traffic to your small business’s      website

-View your customers’ interests, opinions, preferences,      and changing needs

 Launch Strategy and the Digital Age

Our plan for your business will help you to identify your launch strategy for the digital age

It will assist you in your efforts to gain traction, grow your platform and choose from an array of free, bundled, or inexpensive software applications

Achieving your Goals

You will be able to recognize and know how to compete in your "winner-takes-all" marketplace

We will enable you to become the innovator, rather than a follower, who would be forced to pick up the leftovers in your market

Powerful Coaching Sessions: 

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions can be scheduled

  • Use of insightful coaching exercises and assessments
  • No additional cost for assessments and coaching exercises
  • Option to purchase 4,8,or 12 sessions as discounted packets
  • First Session FREE

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Digital Transformation In Your 

Home or Small Business

Add Profit To Your Business

Digital Transformation for Home or Small Business FLASH SALE! Save $50.00 Price $200.00 Reg. Price $250.00

Getting Ready For Your Year-end

Company Year-End

Year-end Financial Statements 

Making every year-end count

Year-end financial statements do have to be prepared with filing deadlines to meet

We will help you manage the stress and the challenges a new business owner experiences during the early startup phases of any small business including your 1st year-end

The preparation of your financial statements, whether it’s a compilation assignment or a review engagement, offers a wonderful opportunity to review and analyze your business using the valuable information in your statements for the following financial period to prepare a budget based on last year’s known results 

 Provides Success Strategies 

For the Future

Our in-depth partner involvement enables us to get to know your business and we apply this knowledge to provide insight and constructive suggestions for improving your business strategies, with the goal of providing objective views of your financial and operating information to enhance your wealth


Our team realizes each of our clients face unique hurdles and opportunities

We go beyond general-purpose financial statements to provide you with meaningful and reliable financial information and we ensure you receive efficient and effective customized service

 Dominate Your Industry

Call Us For A Free Consultation

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Make every year Great!

Company Year - End Bookkeeping Service Starting as Low as $100!

Startup Business

Good to GREAT

Business Coaching For Startups

Clarify Your Business Vision

Take your business from the ideas stage to where you want it to be

Focus On the Future

Developing your business idea into a product or 

service is just the first step

Strategic Planning, Goals, Costs, Taxes, Grow the Business, Grow Sales, Business Model, Name the Business, Business Location, Hiring Professionals,, Write Job Descriptions, 

Your Business Is Unique

Coach-Consult with clients on strategy, planning, problem-solving, and designing responsive and effective systems and tools for growth. We bring years of business experience to the table-involve. We’ll discuss your strengths, values and goals, and we’ll determine areas of weakness and improvement. We’ll then create an execution plan and we are easy to relate to

Management and Goal Setting

Designing a business model or marketing plan, determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them, planning and implementing projects, giving advice and brainstorming to produce practical results are included in your consulting sessions

Opening Your Mind To Possibility

Creating success by focusing on personal development: time management, self-sabotaging behavior, finding clarity, decision making, and getting into action and helping the client find answers within themselves 

Feel Comfortable Sharing Your Professional & Biz Aspirations

My approach, combined with my experience and knowledge makes it easy for you to express your thoughts, dreams and ideas. You will gain a great amount of confidence in your decision-making ability 

 Create Owner Accountability

During coaching sessions we address psychological barriers that surface when you start your new business. We will meet regularly, either weekly or monthly, and work together helping you stay focused on the 

end result and track commitments made 

during the last coaching session 

$165 ON SALE NOW! Regular Price is $190.00

Call Us For A Free Consultation

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Creating business growth and success

FLASH SALE Business Coach-Consultant $145.00 Reg Price $200.00

Great Books!

Bookkeeping Service

Keep Financial Records Up to Date

Reconcile your accounts at the end of each month

Provide bookkeeping services that free you to attend to the growing of your business

Cash Flow Management 

Record and pay bills on their due date-this is critical for the success of your small business

Accounts Receivable

We'll follow up until the invoice is paid

Track, file and pay sales tax (GST/PST/HST/RST)

Basic Bookkeeping Services include but may not be limited to Bank Reconciliations, Ledgers Posting, Payroll, WorkSafeBC. Ask about the bookkeeping services your small business requires

*Recording day to day financial transactions and completing the posting process

*Confirming and verifying that transactions are recorded in the correct daybook, customer ledger suppliers ledger, and general ledger

*Bringing the books to the trial balance stage


Payroll Setup and support 

Process and Reconcile Payroll

 Proven bookkeeping experience 

Affordable. Accurate. Accountable 

Call Us For A Free Consultation

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Connect now to get the best bookkeeping ever and at great prices

Basic Bookkeeping Service Providing Bookkeeping Services That Free You to Attend to the Growth of Your Business Starting as Low as $100 a Month!


"For me, working with Frank has been a transformational experience for our organization. He is a strategic thinker, with a focus on accountability and bottom line results. He has helped me focus and achieve what’s important not only in business but in life."  Margaret M. Alta

                                                                                                                            Realty Company               

Tuning In To Myself and unlocking New Opportunities

I lost my job, my father passed away and I didn’t have a place of my own to live. I was overwhelmed and wondering if I could ever heal and what direction to take. Fortunately for me, I found Frank at Vytal Coaching while I was searching the internet.

Through our online coaching sessions, exercises and assessments, he helped me to focus on getting to know my inner self and I started tapping into my strengths for this journey I was embarking on. The various coaching tools that he gave me helped me continue on this new chapter in my changing life with confidence and self-understanding. He helped me prepare my resume and I built up my interviewing skills. Recently, I became employed as an Office Manager and I am finding it rewarding and at the same time exciting. I got a raise too! 

I have recommended Vytal Coaching to my friend who was in somewhat the same situation as I was. I hope he will contact Frank and gain the skills and knowledge that I have so he can move on and be happy. Lynn N. - Maple Ridge, BC

                             Graphics Company

Clear Perspective and Accountability

"My monthly business coaching sessions help me maintain accountability and focus on setting goals and meeting them It feels good to move ahead with my life and my business.” Karen G, BC 

                                                                                                         Small Business Startup

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