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Trust and Vision

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Getting Over Being a Victim to Habits of Worthlessness

“From our first meeting Frank really made me think about what it was in my life that I wanted to do and what was holding me back from achieving my goals and real happiness. I knew my insecurities were keeping me from moving forward in my life but he helped me identify what was getting in my way. During sessions he asked me deep questions and helped me see that habitual feelings of worthlessness had become embedded within me. It didn't happen during the first few sessions, but then, during a life coaching session when I was practicing heart coherence techniques, I had my breakthrough. I got a clear perspective and the conversations just flowed naturally and I was able to let go of the issue and the feelings that I had held on to for many years. I started to see myself in a new light and I reclaimed my emotional power. I feel so much better now that I have cleared away the hurt and pain. I have a plan of action to reach a goal that I’d never thought of before, and he is still helping me focus on the things that really matter to me. ”  

Jamie V.

I Learned That Feeling Compassion for Others was Taking a Toll Mentally and Physically  

“I contacted Frank after having to take time off work because of self-doubt that had severely affected me. Because of my stress I wasn't able to think clearly and was always second-guessing myself. He helped me to see that what I thought was compassion had  turned from care into overcare, so that no matter what I was doing for the elderly people in the group home where I worked, it never seemed good enough. He helped me realize that it was OK for me to have these feelings but that I was taking them to extremes. Together we worked on my expectations of myself and I repatterned my anxiety habits. I used to believe that my life had to be anxiety-ridden but now I feel renewed energy. After just a few sessions and more passion for my life and my job. I'm back to work again. An added bonus is that I don't waste so much time at work. I worked hard with him and now I don't dread getting up in the morning and I don't have to drag myself to work. Thank you for helping me through my rough patch, Frank. ”  April G.

I Thought My Marriage Was Done

" I was struggling in my marriage and how we were fighting so much. I didn't feel close to him and would even find ways to avoid him. Our relationship was almost destroyed and I felt like we needed to change everything so I could be happy in our marriage again. Thank you, Frank for helping me, and eventually my husband, to see that we had a lot of work to do to save our relationship. We are feeling more connected and confident that we can work out our differences I used to wonder if we could ever find our way back to each other, but with Frank's help we are both feeling more confident. We're moved forward in our relationship journey when we were both able to recognize in ourselves, some things we needed to change. Relationship coaching and I never thought it could make such a huge difference! "

Tracey J.  

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